Hello! You've reached WichitaProgrammer.com, which is me, Matt Conrad. I help businesses make their work flow more smoothly.

A successful business has to stay on top of a lot of things at once. A well-designed website or data crunching application can save you a lot of labor, frustration, and money.

I enjoy sitting down with people and figuring out how we can make things more efficient and less frustrating at their company. Maybe I can help you, too. If you've got an idea, drop me an email and tell me about it.

  • Portfolio . . . see screenshots of projects I've done, with a little story for each.
  • Email . . . send me email (matt@wichitaprogrammer.com) and ask me questions.
  • LinkedIn . . . effectively, my online resume.
  • GitHub . . . code I've written that's open to the public.
  • Lightning Talk Sept 19, 2015 . . . (a short presentation for devICT. temporary link.)